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Making care better with you

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Complaints Policy

If you have a complaint about us

Individuals and organisations have the right to express their views about the performance of Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and the way in which it conducts its business.

Anyone who is dissatisfied with any aspect of the service received by Healthwatch Cambridgeshire can make a complaint under Healthwatch Cambridgeshire complaints policy.

We will treat both concerns and complaints in the same way.

This Policy does not cover:

  1. Complaints or concerns about the NHS, which should be dealt with through the NHS complaints procedure.
  2. Complaints about the provision of social care services which should be dealt with by Cambridgeshire County Council complaints procedure.

We will review this policy on a regular basis.

How to raise a concern or make a complaint about Healthwatch Cambridgeshire

1) In the first instance we would encourage you to raise a concern, or complaint, or to provide feedback on our service informally. Providing information or correcting misunderstandings or misconceptions at this early stage may enable the issue to be successfully resolved.

2) If the concern or complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, then you should notify us via email, letter or via a telephone conversation with a member of staff or a volunteer.

3) Healthwatch Cambridgeshire will acknowledge the concern/complaint in writing (or in the complainants preferred method of communication) within 3 working days.

4) Attempts to resolve the concern/complaint will be completed within 15 working days of establishing the nature of the concern/complaint. Exceptionally, if further time is needed, where possible this will be agreed with you.

5) The Chief Executive Officer of Healthwatch Cambridgeshire will review all concerns/complaints. If you are not happy with the outcome you will be able to appeal. The concern/complaint will then be reviewed by Healthwatch Cambridgeshire Board members who have not previously been involved in the matter. Once the appeal process has been completed the concern/complaint will closed.

Approved by Healthwatch Cambridgeshire Board of Directors

Date: 28th June 2013

Next Review

Date: November 2015

Responsible Officer

Chief Executive Officer of Healthwatch Cambridgeshire


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