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Hearing from young people


Hands with writing on - saying Just Me.

In November, we visited The Voyager Academy in Peterborough where we heard from more than 130 young people who shared their understanding of mental well-being and how they would like to get mental health support. 

This is part of a project we are working on with Healthwatch Peterborough, to help our local commissioners understand how young people think about mental health and would like to receive services.  It follows on from ‘Thriving’, a report we published last year, where young people told us they wanted mental health support that is meaningful and relevant to them. 

We are currently talking to six other schools in Peterborough and Wisbech about running similar workshops with them. As part of this project, we are also visiting groups and talking to young people in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough who may find it harder to share their experiences, for example homeless young people. 

To encourage young people to talk more about their experiences, we have designed ‘Your mental well-being survey’. The survey asks young people about their experiences as well as how they access mental health services. Please help us promote this survey to young people you know or work with. 


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