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Local health commissioners publish report into ending of older people's contract


Older manToday Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) published its independent report into the ending of the older people's contract. The contract ended in December 2015 after only eight months. At the time we wrote to our health commissioners to ask some important questions about the ending of the contract, and what it meant for the future.

We welcome the release of this report by the CCG, and will look at it carefully with our colleagues from Healthwatch Peterborough. It is the first of a number of reviews due to be published over the next few weeks. Read our Chair Val Moore’s report here for more details. 

It is important that older people and vulnerable adults do not suffer as a result of the uncertainties surrounding the reviews and what they mean for the future. We have agreed with the CCG and Local Authorities to hold a community learning event in May with Healthwatch Peterborough. This is to help everyone understand what happened. As Healthwatch organsiations, we need to both challenge and support the emerging plans for future service development. We also need to help map the way local people can be involved.

The CCG's review of the contract was carried out by West Midland's Ambulance Service. They said the procurement process and financial evaluation undertaken by the CCG was robust, but that there are lessons to be learned for the CCG and for all organsiations involved.

It found that the main reason for the early ending of the contract was a "mismatch in the expectations" between the CCG and the Lead Provider over the cost/value of the contract.

The review makes a number of recommendations, based on its findings, for areas which should be strengthened for future procurements. These findings apply to the CCG, its advisers and other organsiations involved in the procurement and evaluation. The report is intended to provide learning for the wider NHS.

To put your name down for information about the learning event when it is published, please contact Healthwatch Peterborough on 03451 20 20 64 or email info@healthwatchpeterborough.co.uk

If you have a story to share about older people’s care, please tell us. It is important that we understand how care is working for older people in Cambridgeshire right now. Call us on 01480 420628, email us at enquiries@healthwatchcambridgeshire.co.uk or tell us here on our website. 

Read the review here.