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Local Healthwatch working together


Our Board and the Board of Healthwatch Peterborough are looking for someone to help them think about how we could work together in the future. This could be anything from working more closely on joint projects, to becoming one merged organisation.

This is because we want to get the best value for local people. We also know that Healthwatch Peterborough, who are currently hosted by a different organisation, will need to have their contract re-tendered in April 2017. This makes it a good time for both Boards to make decisions about the future and see if there is a benefit in doing things differently.

An independent person will help both our Boards look at the benefits and issues of different options. Their work will include talking to a range of people with an interest in our Healthwatch, including our staff and volunteers. The two Boards will each make a decision about what the best organisational form will be for their local Healthwatch. If they decide on a change of organisational form, the Boards will both make recommendations to Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council respectively, who commission our Healthwatch.

At the moment, nothing is decided. We are determined that the things that are good about how we do our job as a local Healthwatch stay the same.


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