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Making care better with you

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Listening to patients at Addenbrookes Hospital


Last month our volunteers visited Addenbrookes Hospital to talk to people about their experiences of outpatient appointments.  This is something the hospital asked us to help them with. 

We visited three outpatient clinics and talked to more than 200 people. We asked each person:

  • How long they waited for an appointment;
  • if the information they received about their appointment was readable for them; and
  • what their experience of the clinic was like that day.

The visits were done using our duty to Enter and View. This is Healthwatch's legal right to visit places that provide publicly funded health or care services, to see and hear how people experience the services. 

We also did a "15 Steps Challenge" assessment of each of the departments we visited. This is a way of walking into the department and looking at the care provided through the eyes of people who use the services. 

We are currently looking at what people have told us, and writing reports about our visits. This will include what we found out and where improvements need to be made.  Our reports will be published in May, and available from our website.


Feedback on care it starts with you

Pair of outstretched hands painted with words - saying Just Me

Image shows: healthwatch network awards commended 2017 badge